Type 97

BING Throttle-Valve System Type 97

The BING throttle body Type 97 was developed for the Ducati Hypermotard and Monster series.

The body of 2-way system consists of die-cast aluminum. In addition to the version with manual fast idle the system is also offered with an automatic idle control. The position of the throttle valve is detected by a CTS angle sensor and transmitted to the engine control unit. Intake air temperature is detected by a further sensor which is located in the intake manifold. Injectors and optional fuel hoses are included in the scope of delivery.

Type 97 is offered for alternative applications as a single nozzle with the possibility of mounting a pressure sensor.



  • Valve diameter: 45 mm
  • Single pipe length: 80 mm
  • Motor connection diameter: 50 mm
  • Filter connection diameter: 50 mm
  • Minimum air flow rate: 2,8 to 5.0 kg / h at 0,533 bar differential pressure