Components for fuel cells

In the course of technological change towards renewable energies, we have added fuel cell components to our product portfolio. We see promising potential in this sector, which corresponds to the current sustainability requirements.

We were able to incorporate our decades of experience in the development and manufacture of media-carrying and regulating components into the new development of the recirculation pump and shut-off valve.

Recirculation pump

The recirculation pump is located in the anode circuit of a fuel cell system. More hydrogen is supplied to the fuel cells than consumed. As a result, there is still unused hydrogen available at the stack outlet, which is pumped back with our recirculation pump in order to significantly improve efficiency.
The presented recirculation pump is being developed for the heavy-duty and bus sector with 150kW fuel cell modules. The communication interface works with a CAN bus system. Modifications to the current concept are possible on customer request.

Shut-off Valve

The shut-off valve is an essential component within the fuel cell system that is used to regulate the media supply. The main difference to the already known control of the air flow, as known for example from throttle valve systems for combustion engines, is the increased sealing requirements in closed condition and increased media resistance against H2. To avoid further reaction in the stack it is important to shut of the media flow, in particular H2 and O2. Shut-Off-Valves regulate the in- and output of a fuel cell stack.

We are able to meet the high marked requirements with our new development. The shown design can be adapted to customer specific requirements.