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Code of Ethics
1 Purpose

The Code of Ethics provides a binding frame of action for all employees of our company and should help.

create trust and transparency

prioritize honesty and fairness

act in accordance with the law

improve living and working conditions for everyone

communicate social responsibility

respect and strengthen the rights of individuals and society

act in a future-oriented and sustainable manner

protect our environment

reconcile economy and ecology

Among other things, we orientate ourselves by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in this regard.

All BING employees represent our corporate culture in an exemplary manner through the implementation of the described ethical standards – among themselves, towards customers, suppliers, partners and society.


2 Purpose

entire company


3 Responsibilities 





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4 Description 

Respect and Equality

We treat others without prejudice and with respect – regardless of age, gender, skin color, origin, religion, social position and physical condition.

Discrimination does not exist at BING.

In daily contact with our global partners, we demonstrate tolerance and cultural diversity.


Legal Compliance

Our employees always act in accordance with local laws and in compliance with applicable regulations. In case of doubt, the relevant departments in our company are to be contacted.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility starts at the bottom and is part of our corporate culture.


Prohibition of Child and Forced Labor

We do not use goods and raw materials that were manufactured by child or forced labor. This applies to our entire process chain.

Likewise, our suppliers are committed to observe the ban on children and forced labor.


Human Rights

We avoid sourcing of goods and services based in countries that do not respect human rights or tolerate violations of human rights.

We encourage our suppliers, customers and partners to follow our example.


Health and Safety

Across the company, we pay attention to a healthy, safe and pleasant work environment.

Every employee ensures within their spheres of influence that safety standards are met and that health hazards are avoided. For questions and concerns the relevant department in our company can be consulted at any time.


Anti-Corruption Measures

Bribery, corruption, nepotism – unfortunately, these are common in many places.

We are proud that since the foundation of our company in 1926, we have been able to achieve our success by fair means. Every employee has an obligation to contact the relevant department immediately in the event of suspicions or conflicts of interest so that BING can react appropriately.


Dealing with Customers, Suppliers and Authorities

We owe our reputation above all to our customers, employees and our products. It is our top duty to maintain our good reputation through credibility and honesty and to create trust through transparency. When dealing with business partners and authorities, the following must be observed:

Any form of granting benefits  or favoritism, tangible or intangible, is prohibited.


Gifts may only be of symbolic character and value.

The value of invitations must not exceed customary, reasonable limits.

We treat all our suppliers with fairness and neutrality.

Buyers and decision-makers at BING Power Systems GmbH undertake to promote competition and to consider all suitable partners when making inquiries.

Internal company affairs and agreements are an absolute taboo for everyone involved.

Responsibility of Each Individual

The individual makes the whole!

Loyalty to our company is a matter of course for each of our employees.

Personal responsibility and consideration are the top priorities when dealing with customers, suppliers and partners.

Every BING employee is therefore committed:

to use company property and resources sparingly and efficiently,

to comply with data protection regulations and protect trade secrets,

to implement and support optimizations in all areas of the company in a responsible way,

to refrain from activities that are contrary to the principles of BING.


Our goals are characterized by sustainability in order to improve our everyday lives and the

and the lives of future generations. This includes the conscious use of resources of all kinds.


Our Quality Standards

Our customers demand and deserve the best from us!

Highest quality, perfect, fast service, consideration and recognition of customer requests – these are principles that we live by every day.


Environmental Protection

Our company systematically implements environmental protection measures in all areas.

All employees are aware of their responsibility for holistic environmental protection and may consult our specialist department for waste and pollutant management at any time.


Ethic Escalation Policy

We as BING Power Systems, want to ensure that we treat our environment and ourselves with respect, fairness and integrity, and adjust our working methods accordingly.


Although we all strive to live these pronciples, there can be situations in which it becomes necessary to question supposedly wrong behavior.

Every employee undertakes to report any suspicions or conflicts of interest immediately.

We are aware that this can lead to difficult situations or conflicts of interest. For this purpose, it is assured that the company stands behind the employee and will support him fully in this case.

A clear, confidential process, which is regulated in BING SOP 50004, is available for employees of BING Power Systems GmbH, employees of contractors who are temporarily employed by BING, as well as temporary or contract workers who report unethical behavior. Please try to report such incidents to your line manager as soon as possible. If this is not possible for certain reasons, please contact the next higher authority.

BING Power Systems GmbH stands by its principles and will therefore take problems of this type very seriously and will handle all reported incidents with appropriate care, confidentiality and speed. It is hereby assured that employees who communicate genuine incidents of this type need not fear any negative consequences or disadvantages.