Type 96

BING Throttle-Valve System Type 96

The BING throttle body Type 96 was originally developed for the company Aprilia. As a further development of the 2-way throttle body for the Bombardier CanAm Spyder, it is now equipped with a drive-by-wire control system.

The housing of the 2-way system consists of die-cast aluminum. The position of the throttle valve angle is detected by a sensor and transmitted to the engine control unit. The intake air pressure is detected by another sensor. Included in the scope of delivery are two injectors and a fuel pressure regulator.

The throttle valves are powered by a Bosch electric motor. In case of failure of the electronic throttle control, the throttle valves fall back to a higher idle position (limp-home position).



  • Valve diameter: 51.0 mm
  • Average height single outlet: 94.3mm
  • Motor connection diameter: 59.0 mm
  • Filter connection diameter: 51.0 mm
  • Center distance passages: 68.2 mm
  • Minimum air flow: 3 and 5.7 kg / h at 0.6 bar differential pressure
  • Housing material: aluminum die casting