Type 66

BING throttle-valve system Type 66

The BING throttle body Type 66 is a special development for the VR6 engine for the new Horex motorcycle series. The throttle body has an electronic control (drive-by-wire). The offset of the individual piece is derived from the displacement of the cylinder.

The position of the throttle valve angle is detected by a sensor and transmitted to the engine control unit. As reference generator another potentiometer is available, which is operated by the driver and detects the position of the throttle grip. A mechanical reset hast been combined with this, which closes the throttle when the electronics fail or a mechanical problem occurs. The coupling of the two cylinder banks of the throttle valve is effected mechanically. The complete product package includes six injectors. The throttle valves are driven by an electric motor from Johnson Electric.


  • Valve diameter: 34 mm
  • Average height single outlet: 100 mm
  • Motor connection diameter: 40 mm
  • Filter connection diameter: 43 mm
  • Minimum air flow: 1.5 to 2.5 kg / h at 0.6 bar differential pressure
  • Housing: die-cast aluminum